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This Rosemary Mint Chebe Hair Growth Paste will help you achieve the longer hair you've always wanted. This all-natural formula is designed to stimulate hair growth and provide your hair with the nourishment it needs. This paste also helps prevent breakage. With only natural ingredients such as nourishing shea butter, strengthening chebe, and moisturizing olive oil, you don't have to worry about toxic chemicals ruining your hair. Plus, rosemary and mint essential oils help to stimulate hair growth by improving scalp circulation. Get longer hair with this rosemary mint chebe hair growth paste. 

Rosemary Mint Chebe Hair Paste

  • Ingredients: Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Black Castor Oil, Chebe, Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Mint Essential Oil

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